PART_1452371182335FAITH is the element of whatever it is hoped (anticipated), with evidence of whatever it is unseen. (Heb 1: 11 paraphrased)

MyPinkFaith® believes that living without hope is not living at all. Hope is what drives you to keep living, trying and believing for another day and chance to make it through! Life is not promised and longevity is a mere desire, but those of us who find inspiration in the fact that we are breathing another day, are like the rarest of gems, WE SHINE BRIGHT WITHOUT DIMMERING AND ARE AS ATTRACTIVE AS A LURE TO A HUNGRY FISH! So, with much perseverance using all that drives us, we claim that it is MyPinkFaith® that you see and It’s Real®!
The Founder, Tawanda McCool-Wooten was born and reared in Chicago, Illinois, is inspired by the faith and the hope that life brings. She created MyPinkFaith with inspiration and courage. She believes that faith and hope can be found in all things and the notion that a person who has fought to maintain a positive and healthy outlook, creates the possible, even when faced with impossibilities. Nothing is ever promised, but the mere fact that a person keeps seeking to overturn the impossible is faith.
Please join MyPinkFaith on the pursuit to maintaining faith and hope of things, although unknown and unseen are attainable. Faith in good health, love, joy, peace, friendships and so much more. Each item purchased and worn exemplifies a person aspirations to attain their own faith and hope in what is possible, because It’s Real®!